Warehouse And Factory Cleaning Specialists In Melbourne

Warehouse and factory cleaning requires appropriately insured, licensed, and reliable professionals. DMD Group is the leading provider across Melbourne for reliable high-pressure warehouse cleaning services and we follow documented safe work practices. DMD Group Cleaning specialises in warehouse and commercial exit and entry cleaning services. That is, we have been certified by Australia’s leading OHS/WHS Contractor Prequalification system. We are experts in the field of providing pressure cleaning of walls and surfaces, beams, floors, car parking areas, deep cleaning services for offices and restrooms, and so on. We also excel in providing our clientele with effective warehouse and factory detailed cleaning services such as minor repairs, interior painting services, line marking, garden services, rubbish removal, etc. across the suburbs of Melbourne.

Factory Cleaning Specialists In Melbourne

Why DMD Group For Effective Warehouse And Factory Cleaning Services?

DMD Group is the leading provider of Melbourne’s specialist cleaning services. Amongst other cleaning services such as industrial, residential, and office cleaning services, we are a team of professional cleaners with white card licensed operators of Elevated Work Platforms (EWP), and Forklifts. We make ourselves available to work after normal business hours and on a round-the-clock basis to ensure the fastest turnaround times possible.

At DMD, we have extensive experience in cleaning every corner of a facility, be it small storage facilities or massive multi-building sites on an inside-out basis, in incorporating cleaning services in toilets, break rooms, office spaces, and car parking areas and wherever it is required. Our expert cleaners will be around the facility to perform a detailed inspection on getting the area cleaned extensively, and also on whether the work is performed safely, be it in high traffic areas that include large and small vehicles constantly on the move, or in remote spaces, or even in challenging and confined spaces and geographies.

How Are We Unique?

With over years of experience in providing the finest cleaning services in residential, commercial, and industrial spaces, DMD Group has evolved as the most sought-after cleaning services provider across Melbourne. We are unique in the ways in which we operate. Following are major services that we offer in our wide array of factory and warehouse cleaning services:

  • Pressure cleaning
  • Cobweb removal and a dusting of hard to reach areas
  • Steam cleaning of tiled areas
  • Window cleaning (all heights)
  • Graffiti removal
  • Bolts and parts dirt removal
  • All dirt build-up in warehouses and factories

By employing our warehouse floor cleaning services, we will help you to maintain the regulatory standards of safety and health of your warehouses and factories, as well as of the employees therein. At DMD Group, our team of cleaning professionals strives their best to prevent any risks or chances of infestation and other environmental hazards by extensive and advanced cleaning services.

So, if you are on the lookout for the most trusted factory and warehouse cleaning services in Melbourne, feel free to drop us a call and we will be at your doorstep with world-class professionals and cleaning experts. Call us on 0449 721 600 to avail of our factory and warehouse cleaning services or mail us at info@dmdgrp.com.au to get the most competitive and free quote!

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At DMD Cleaning, we strive to make your premises look tidy and brand new with our exquisite cleaning services. So, if you are on the lookout for the finest and most affordable cleaning company near you, drop us a call at 0449 721 600 and we are at your doorstep. You can also mail us at info@dmdgrp.com.au to get your free quote. Grab yours today!

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